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All Natural Men's Best Leave-in Beard Conditioner & Tamer

One Beard Balm


All Natural Ingredients

it goes beyond the beard!

Did you know that XtendBeard’s products are super versatile and can be applied to your hair and the skin on your whole face?


Eric G.


Some of the best I have had!

Shiv S.


I love their One Beard oil, it feels really light and youll definitely notice that your beard looks fuller even a week after use. I’ve used it for 3 months now and My beard looks so much better. The smell is great and it’s very unique and settle so you won’t get a headache. Their service is amazing too, last order I asked if I could sample another

 one of their oils and they sent me a free sample to try out. Definitely the best stuff out there for your beard!!!!!



All of the great brands have quality products but when it cames to balance the scent and the viscosity xtendbeard nailed it, the scents are outstanding, the oil and balm scents kept noticeable all day long. I trully recomend this.