In the Spotlight: Coconut Oil, an Outstanding Ingredient for a Fabulous Beard & Hair

Coconut oil is now hugely popular among health-conscious people and is widely used as a cooking oil. But did you know that it can also be used externally, and will have an amazing effect on your skin, hair, and beard?

Coconut oil can be used on all types of hair (even on thin & damaged hair) and is tolerated well by sensitive skin. It has a light texture and is solid at room temperature, however, it will easily melt in your hands.

Because of its many benefits, we’ve decided to make it one of the main ingredients in our beard balm, and our customers love it.

1. Helps fight dandruff, beardruff & itchiness

Coconut oil is extremely beneficial in fighting dandruff, beardruff, and itchiness, especially when they’re provoked or aggravated by dry skin. And they often are.

Shampoos and most cosmetic products aimed at controlling dandruff contain harsh chemicals, which usually solve the underlying condition, but only treat the symptoms. That’s why a lot of people have resorted to using coconut oil as a natural & healthy alternative to help combat dandruff - it is a simple and effective solution that costs a little and helps a lot.

Beardruff (which, you’ve guessed it, is just dandruff of the beard) is a very similar condition - it is characterized by dry, scaly skin, and is often accompanied by itchiness.

Itchiness is very typical when you first start growing a beard, and in order to avoid it, you need to properly hydrate & nourish your beard and the skin under it. When you first start growing, the hairs are hard and the skin dries very quickly.

Add harsh weather on top of that, and you’ll get a very unpleasant combination. Luckily, this problem is easily solved with some proper beard care, such as a good beard balm - coconut oil deeply moisturizes both your skin and hair and therefore helps resolve any issues provoked by excessive dryness. Combined with the other amazing ingredients that we’re using, such as Shea Butter, Mango Kernel Butter, Cocoa Butter, Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil and more, our beard balms provide top-notch protection and hydration.

2. Conditions & moisturizes the hair, leaving it soft & lush

Because of its lipid structure, coconut oil penetrates the hair shaft through the cuticle (the outer layer), nourishing it deeply and improving its appearance and long-term health.

Moreover, coconut oil deeply hydrates the hair follicle & helps retain moisture, unlike many chemical conditioners, which will only make your hair or beard appear hydrated but do not do anything to actually moisturize it.

Applying a beard oil that contains coconut oil on your hair and beard will leave them well-conditioned and soft, and will give them a lush appearance.

Additionally, your hair & beard will look thicker, fuller and shinier, without feeling greasy. But remember - a little goes a long way! You need only a little bit of beard balm (or coconut oil) to feel its effects. If in doubt, start with less and apply more as needed. This way it will also last you for longer.

3. Tames unruly beards & hair

Many men struggle with a frizzy beard, and if your beard is prone to frizziness, this will directly affect the way it looks, making it appear messy and not well-maintained, even if you have a solid grooming routine. In fact, most men’s beards are on the curlier side, even if their hair is straight, and curls tend to be much more difficult to manage than straight hair.

That’s why we recommend taking care of frizz straight away. Nothing boosts your confidence like improving the way your beard looks, and our customers have experienced that first hand.

Humidity is the enemy of beards that are already prone to frizz, as it will only make it worse. If the weather is humid where you live, stock up on beard balm to make sure your beard always looks at its best.

Coconut oil is an excellent ingredient to help you combat frizziness and to tame a wild beard, even in cases of excessive air humidity. It has been used by women for many years, and we see no reason why men shouldn’t benefit from its amazing properties. It will also help you detangle and comb your beard, which will, in turn, make it easier to style.

Coconut oil on its own can feel rather heavy on the beard if you leave it in, which is why we have combined it with other high-quality ingredients, each one of them having its own amazing benefits.

Trimming is also an important step when trying to tame a beard that looks particularly wild, and if you combine it with the right beard care products, its effect can be impressive. If you’re unsure of how to trim your beard, you can go to a barber for the first couple of times - they’ll know exactly how to take care of your beard.

4. Prevents split ends & breakage

If you’re struggling with split ends - especially for longer beards, this is a very common occurrence - rest assured: coconut oil can help with that, too. It repairs & nourishes hair from inside out, which is why it’s so effective in preventing damage.

As it conditions & moisturizes the hair, it makes it much less prone to drying out and breakage, and to have split ends. Using a beard balm containing coconut oil will ensure that you have a healthy beard that is damage-free.

5. And last but not least, did you know that coconut oil promotes healthy hair growth?

Because of its outstanding benefits described above, coconut oil boosts your hair & beard’s health, thus promoting growth. A tired, dry beard simply cannot grow as well as a deeply moisturized, well-nourished beard, and this is why the results from using products that contain coconut oil can be outstanding.

Moreover, because of taming frizz & improving texture, your beard will appear thicker, and with some good drying strategies combined with a good styling agent, such as a high-quality beard balm, it can also appear longer (depending on the hair type & style).

By keeping your beard hydrated & well-maintained, you’ll improve its general health, and in turn, it will reward you with amazing looks & a thick texture.

Remember: a healthy beard is a happy beard!

Check out our beard balms, all of them have coconut oil as one of their main ingredients!

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